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Some games I've created. There aren't too many, but more may come soon.

Game Description
Need For Madness Who knows the game "Need For Madness" from radicalplay.com? Well, this is an edited version. New cars and new tracks are available in this game.
3D Airfight A flash game with a 3D effect. It's not quite logical, but it's still good in my opinion. It's playable, but has some errors that I didn't know how to fix at the time.
Tower Defense Not the average shoot-em-up game you see on the internet a lot. You control a turret on the top of a tower on a flying island, and you have to make sure none of the missiles hit the tower. One hit and you're dead.
Hovercraft Mania The timer is counting. Every second counts! In this game, you will have to fly a hovercraft along a few tracks.
Tower Defense 2 The objective: Destroy all missiles. This game is a little different from the first: You get three lives instead of one, and the weapons don't just come with time... You will have to shoot down the little packages on parachutes to gain new weapons.
Race the UFO Your opponent isn't time. It's not a car either. No, in this game it's a UFO. How the UFO got around to race you isn't clear, as I didn't come up with a background story. Possible background stories can be discussed on the forums.