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This is a multiplayer space combat game. It is currently in early development, but there are some first ideas and screenshots.

This game will focus on teamowork, tactics and innovation. Players will be able to create or represent groups and play in online servers with others. If a player does not want to be in a group, they will have the option to play in a server with other standalone players.
The servers will have different gamemodes; capture the flag, team deathmatch, asteroid hockey and many more.
Players will be able to design their own weapons - They will be given a set amount of space for custom weapons on their ships, and it is up to them what they do with it - They can fill it with many small missiles or just one large weapon. The components that the players will be able to use to create their weaponry will be ones that exist in the real world. There will be some predefined weapons for beginners, but they will not be very effective.
Every player will be able to sell their inventions to other players using a virtual currency - Those who buy them will not be able to look at the insides of the weapon to try and find out how it works.
The components that are given will be limited in power - The bigger they are, the more power they give. For example, a large rocket engine will create more forward force than a small one. The components, as mentioned before, will be ones that exist in today's world, the only made-up ones will be components to figure out things that the player will not get direct access to, such as information about ships, the absolute position and orientation of the rocket. Mechanical parts will be very limited.

The release
The development of this game was just started. An estimated release time is around January 2012.
Deep alpha version available for download here

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The first screenshot that was ever taken of this game. It was taken right after the first engine (exhaust) effect was written.

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LJM says:
Well, the website below has gone down. I've no control over that, the servers are in Canada. Either way, this website could use a redesign. I would be happy to do it.
Comment #119
LJM says:
Even if you don't use those, you should consider using CUDA for parallel processing on the GPU, and multi-threading. If you can't use CUDA, OpenCL is still good. Another thing; I'm a little bit free on time right now; want a slight re-design of the site? Also, possibly go on XFire/Steam? Much more convenient to chat. My web skills have improved since last we spoke of it (i.e.,,, )
Comment #118
VolcanoINC says:
Thanks for the suggestion!
I am pretty familiar with the development environment I'm using right now (3D Gamestudio A8 Pro). The problem I was having was the highly demanding physics simulations that were going on. A brand new computer could handle it no problem, I'm sure, but I want my games to run smoothly, even on older machines.
In a few week's time, I'll be releasing images and info about what I'm working on right now, and once that's done, I might attempt to make a game similar to what the idea was with this one. I'll need to write my own physics engine for it, one that can handle thousands of objects at the same time and, as I said, still run smoothly on most computers, new ones as well as older ones. It won't be like Havok or nVidia PhysX, those are way too intense for the use I'm putting it to.
Comment #117
LJM says:
Hey Volc, you could try making a simpler side-scroller in a simpler language with simpler tools. C# with the Open Toolkit would go well; it includes OpenAL (Audio), OpenCL (compute) and OpenGL (graphics).
Comment #116
VolcanoINC says:
Project postponed/aborted. Was too ambitious for the time, many computers would not be able to handle the game as of today. Additionally, the project received lots of negative ratings, which really discourages myself and the other developers from carrying on.
Comment #115
LJM says:
> "The next major update brings new ships and AI opponents!" -- So, when is the next major update? Never, I'm assuming.
Comment #114
danian says:
nice game bro
Comment #113
XSS says:
Comment #112
XSS says:
Comment #111
VolcanoINC says:
It's already a multiplayer game. Infact - it doesn't have a singleplayer option at this point.
Comment #110

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