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Currently working on: Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquest is a real-time strategy game. It's currently singleplayer only, multiplayer is planned but not yet implemented.

The game spawns a series of solar systems at the beginning of a game. All players, artificial intelligence or not, are given one random planet initially, but they can easily colonize more planets to build on them and extract their resources. The aim of the game is to either ally with the other players or to eliminate them. A player is eliminated when they have no ships or buildings left.
The planets are orbiting stars that are randomly distributed across the level. These stars have a limited lifetime depending on their size, the shortest lifetime being 15 minutes and the longest being just over an hour. Large stars will expire quicker than small ones, and large stars will explode in a supernova explosion while small stars will simply collapse. The planets around a small, collapsed star will continue to exist, and they will not be affected in any way. The planets of an exploding star will be stripped of their buildings at random.

These downloads of the game are available:
22. 10. 2012 - V0.0.1 - A very buggy and limited version of what is to become a game (LIMITED TO 1920x1080!)
22. 10. 2012 - V0.0.1 - A very buggy and limited version of what is to become a game (LIMITED TO 1280x1024!)

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The first screenshot taken of the game. A solar system with a medium-sized sun in the center is shown. This was before any ships, backgrounds or menus were added.

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VolcanoINC says:
Added shields, they prevent planets from being pushed around.
Comment #7
VolcanoINC says:
Sounds were added for stars and planet collisions. I am currently also working on implementing mass drivers and planet engines, as was already announced.
Comment #6
VolcanoINC says:
Today's Progress Update: Orbits were stabilized a bit. Inter-planetary collisions were added. Supernova explosions now push any movable objects away from their center. The effect was also updated so particles stop when they hit something, giving any object in the way a glow-type effect.
Comment #5
VolcanoINC says:
Quick update: I successfully implemented planetary physics. This is a large step towards implementing mass drivers and planetary engines (which were suggested by a few people). The major difference from now to before is that orbits are not neccesarily perfectly circular and may be lop-sided. Collisions between planets do not yet do anything. I will keep you posted.
Comment #4
LJM says:
Looks good.
Comment #3
Burp says:
Hey, coole Sache die du da machst :O
Comment #2
Bad_Idea says:
Look great, mate!
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