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12. 10. 2012
Public Announcement
I believe it's time to announce a game I've been working on. I have already done a whole bunch with it, and it's close to a first release-able version. No worries, this one won't be put on halt like the last project I started. It's well within what is possible with today's computer technology and I already put a whole lot of work into it. The goals I set for the game are also easily achievable.
The game is a re-make of a real-time strategy game I made on a 'free' online building game a while back. I felt too limited by the tools the company supplied, so I eventually jumped over to 3D Gamestudio and began re-making everything from scratch. I'm very happy with the results. The game is playable at this point, but not quite ready for a first release yet. I will post a download link and more information here and on the development blog page (link below) when the time has come. I don't want to make promises as to when that will be, but I'm aiming for end of december this year.
Click here for more information and screenshots (development blog page)

29. 07. 2012
I was browsing the internet moments ago and came across something pretty scary that I want to spread the word about. An india-based company called CoMantra is cold-calling people in various countries including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Sweden. It is possible that people outside of these countries are cold-called by these people as well, but I've only heard from people from those countries about it happening.
There are variations of this scam, but the basic run-through is always the same. You receive a call out of the blue saying there are problems with your computer. You will most likely be instructed to enter a few commands and they will tell you what you should see on your screen, making it seem like they know all about your computer. This is all part of their plan to create fear, uncertainty and doubt. You will eventually be asked to download remote-control software to your computer and allow them to gain control over your computer.
If you do let them gain control, they will run a scan on your computer which WILL show you errors, no matter what state your computer is in. Then, they will ask you to make a payment of some sort, which can either be a one-time fee or a continuous subscription. In one example of a scam I've seen, it was said that a one-time fee of $160 would have to be paid anually for the free service.
Although you will not see much being done on your computer, a lot of things will be set up in the background that is likely to allow them to access your computer constantly, effectively giving them anything you have saved or are typing on your computer.
It would be great if you could let your friends and family know about the danger so they don't fall for this scam. The scams are illegal to run, but since most of the scammers are based in India and the Indian government does not appear to be doing anything about it, these scams are still ongoing! If you get a random call from some random person saying your computer is infected, hang up or have some fun with it, but don't let them have access to any computer.
Unfortunately, I am unable to do anything against the scam apart from letting people know in hopes they won't get caught out.
If you had any experiences with these scams, or any additional information, please contact me through my contact form! Maybe it will help!
Below, I listed some useful information if you need or want to know more about these scams. The lists are far from complete and will be updated as I go. There might be inconsistencies between them and I will resolve those as soon as I can.
The following software packages are frequently used for this scam. These software packages are from completely legitimate providers who are aware of but unable to properly counteract the abuse of their software. At the time this was last checked, they all had warnings on their home page:
  • Ammyy Admin
  • LogMeIn
  • TeamViewer
  • Advanced SystemCare (Usually version 3)
The following webpages have been found to be involved in such scams. Do not visit those websites, I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer(s) as a result of visiting these sites. The URLs are merely listed here as a reference:
  • www.support.me
  • www.comantra.net
  • www.teche4pc.com
  • www.pccure.net
  • www.ushaom.in
  • www.supportonclick.com
  • www.24x7pchelp.com
The following companies are seemingly performing the scam and have not been checked by me yet or need further investigation. I will check them ASAP and move them to one of the other lists:
  • Expert Support (Status: CHECKED - In Doubt)
  • UnifyInfoCom (Status: CHECKED - In Doubt)
  • OrdinateurAssist (Status: CHECKED - In Doubt)
  • AdvPCCare (Status: CHECKED - In Doubt)
  • PCCare (Status: CHECKED - In Doubt)
The following companies are/have been running this scam. I have verified this information. If you want to see what pages I'm linking to here before you click, hover your mouse over the link and check in the bottom left corner of your browser. Most browsers will display the URL there. All the pages were in the top 10 results when I searched the company name on google: The following companies have been searched and seem clean so far, even though it was suspected they might be involved. I will continue to check. These have been mentioned in long lists of names on some sites, but I have not yet found any articles specifically talking about these names: A user at www.wikinut.com was kind enough to supply a few things you should be aware of. The article is called 'Technogenie - A Worldwide Scam'. The page is linked as evidence below, but for convenience's sake, I will re-publish the list here:
  • "The caller usually has an indian accent"
  • "The caller will be quite vague as to how they got your information"
  • "The caller will ask you to turn on your computer"
  • "When asked, the caller will not be able to give you anything resembling detail"
  • "The caller will willingly give you a call back number (Don't be fooled!)"

23. 04. 2012
New post :D!
Because many computers of today's hardware generation were not able to handle the game that was announced in the previous post, the game development has been stopped, maybe temporarily, maybe forever. I have been trying to optimize the code, and make it run properly even on older computers - with little success. It turns out that a whole new physics engine is required, and writing one takes more time than I have at this point. Buying one is not within my current budget.
What I've been noticing is an increasing amount of hate (?) in the comments section, and the project was literally bombed with bad ratings. Not exactly what you'd like to get for countless hours of hard work, right? Thing is, there won't be any software updates on that game any time soon. Sorry.
As of now, I and a friend of mine are working on a different game - don't worry, I've already done most of the programming in other languages and I need to convert it into C. My friend is doing all the graphics for it, and he's really doing a great job. I'm not releasing pictures or alpha versions until the game is actually playable. You'll get more info when the time for it comes around.
I won't be making promises as to when that will be, because development is getting in the way of my education at the moment. I've got one year of school left, and I plan to get a good finishing grade. The university I wish to go to has high entry requirements, and if I don't meet those - yeah, you can imagine what will happen. For you guys this means that the development will be rather slow.

1. 05. 2011
Minin' till your arms fall off
One of my friends has been starting a minecraft series, which begins with him and one of his friends showing you around a server. Deciding that it would be boring to continue that, they began making a 2nd series where they attempt to survive.
They now want to host their own server, but they don't have the cash they need to buy a computer they can keep up 24/7.
Here's the videos they've made so far:

If you want to help them fund their server, they'd greatly appreciate that. Click HERE to help.

12. 03. 2011
The website is getting a new look! I'm updating the whole website to work with CSS rather than the looks of the page being hardcoded into every seperate page. This also gives a little more flexibility when it comes to making small changes later on...

30. 12. 2010
I am currently working on a game that I have not yet found a name for... But I have already set up a little page so you can read more about it. I took a few screenshots for you to look at and I have also added a form so you can post comments about what you think about the game so far. I will be constantly updating this page as I make more progress.
Anyways, this link will take you to the page I mentioned.